Beer Mugs

“People might think finding skeletons is spooky, but it is really awe inspiring,” says a Ms. Green, education officer with Canterbury Archaeological Trust, in this article from the BBC; “It’s when you literally come face to face with the people from the past”.

More interestingly though, a crouched inhumation found in a barrow had a pottery vessel placed at its feet, a “beautifully decorated” pot which could have been “a type of beer mug” said Ms. Green.

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  1. Chris G says:

    “you’ll get this pint out of my cold dead hand” I won’t make the dead drunk joke.

  2. mooregroup says:

    Compare the BBC story linked above to this one from National Nine News (whoever they are) – ninemsn

    It contains the following gems:

    ‘A 4000-year-old skeleton clutching a pint of beer has been uncovered in Britain….
    The ancient remains were dug up by archaeologists after builders stumbled upon the bones at a construction site, the Daily Mail reports.
    Tests carried out on the mug show the ancient man was an ale expert, having made his booze from grain.’

    Although most of the media coverage of our beer experiment was well presented and balanced some of the secondary reports were just a little… well.. plain wrong. We were delighted, however to be referred to as ‘boffins’ (not just boffins – ‘boozy boffins’ no less) in one tabloid piece… I’ve always wanted to be a boffin.

    Bad Science has a great piece here (Jessica Alba’s wiggle) on Science and the Media/Newspapers..

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